Consumers Union

Consumers-UnionConsumers Union is an independent, nonprofit organization that tests and rates products and consumer services. Its full name is Consumers Union of United States. Consumers Union evaluates such things as appliances, electronics, food products, and insurance policies. It also calls attention to what it considers unsafe products, failures by government regulatory agencies, and weaknesses in consumer protection laws. Consumers Union sometimes files lawsuits on behalf of consumer interests.

The organization reports on its tests in Consumer Reports, its monthly magazine. Each issue of the magazine includes articles designed to help consumers spend money wisely and to inform them about consumer issues. In addition, Consumers Union publishes books on subjects of interest to consumers and provides information to the public through newspapers, newsletters, radio, television, and the Internet.

To maintain its reputation for fairness, Consumers Union does not accept advertising in any of its publications and does not accept free samples or other gifts from any business interest. Consumers Union was established in 1936. Headquarters are in Yonkers, New York.